Citi Adoption groupKeep Tampa Bay Beautiful administers the Adopt-A-Road Programs for Hillsborough County, the City of Tampa and the City of Temple Terrace. The Adopt-A-Road Programs are a great opportunity for individuals, corporations or groups to give back to the community through stewardship of public right of ways, parks and shorelines. Adoptees make a huge impact by volunteering to maintain and/or improve on their adopted site in a highly visible way.


The Adopt-A-Road Programs allow volunteers to make a direct impact on the quality of life in their community. This Program creates environmental awareness stewardship as well as provides community service hours and leadership opportunities. These opportunities broaden the awareness of the negative effects litter has on our environment. The Adopt-A-Road Programs empower individuals to take a proactive approach to environmental concerns.


Contact us for more information on how you can get involved and Adopt-A-Road.


Groups can now report using our online report form!




Our Adoptions Map


View our list of adopted locations and the wonderful volunteers who have adopted these locations.

Types of Adoptions

Adopt-A-Road: a minimum of a one mile stretch of right-of-way

Adopt-A-Spot: includes schools, bus stops, roads and neighborhoods

Adopt-A-Park: County and City Parks are available and projects can include litter removal and beautification

Adopt-A-Shoreline: stretch of accessible shoreline, piers, stretches of waterway or monofilament tubes at boat launces and fishing piers


Adoption Acknowledgement
Invictus Paddling Club Adoption Sign
Adopt-A-Spot/Park/Shoreline groups are acknowledged with one sign at the site. Adopt-A-Road groups receive two signs on either end of their adopted roadway. Additional signage may be available. Please contact Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful for details.
Basic Adoption Requirements
  • Consist of at least one adult for every five youth
  • Must be 12 years of age to work along a roadway
  • Commit to a two-year contract
  • Complete an annual safety training
  • Hold a minimum of four projects per year
  • All volunteers must sign & submit the liability waiver form & report forms after each project.
  • Online report form is now available!
Aubrey Organics Adoption Group
Omega Phi Theta Adoption Group

The Florida Learning Garden, a project of Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful in partnership with the Florida State Fair Authority, is a permanent one-acre interactive educational experience. The display garden features raised beds, hydroponics, hugelkulture beds, a Florida-Friendly Walking Trail, rain gardens, over 75 types of trees, an interactive greenhouse, the Humana Educational Pavilion for presentations, sensory gardens, butterfly gardens, upcycled gardens, composting system, gazebo and the Cargill Windmill. From ‘right-plant-right-place’ to best practices for water conservation, the Florida Learning Garden educates residents on multiple growing techniques and sustainable practices to utilize in their own homes and gardens. Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful cultivates plant materials to use in beautification projects throughout Hillsborough County. Harvested produce is donated back to local nonprofit shelters. The Florida Learning Garden is an environmentally sustainable training facility that helps us build a vibrant community.

The Florida Learning Garden is utilized for educational presentations, community workshops, volunteer service projects, school field trips and educational tours. The Florida State Fair Agri-Science program utilizes the garden to provide hands-on agriculture learning experiences for more than 40,000 students. Additionally, the Florida Learning Garden is open to the 2.5 million visitors to the Florida State Fairgrounds each year. Visitors and residents alike are able to tour the garden while they are encouraged to use sustainable growing methods in their own community.

The Florida Learning Garden is a direct reflection of our mission. It emphasizes all that we do to preserve the environmental health of our community.

Come See Us During the Florida State Fair

Come see us during the Florida State Fair from Feb. 9 - 20, 2017. We are located at Gate 3 and will have educational presentations and children's activities. Our information booth is open from 9am - 5pm. We provide a wide variety of educational presentations at the garden. From learning about native Tampa Bay wildlife to understanding best garden practices or resource efficiency, our environmental coordinators and student ambassadors provide guests with unique educational tours of the garden explaining the partnership and various on-site growing methods. Contact us for more information.         


Thank you to our supporters:

Alliance for Community Trees
American Society of Landscape Architects
Ballenger & Co.
Blue Gold Growers

City of Tampa Parks & Recreation Department
Delapaz Does It, Inc.
Florida Department of Agriculture
Florida Department of Forestry
Florida Irrigation Society of Tampa Bay
Florida State Fair Authority
Gaspar's Grotto


Hennessy Construction Services
Hillsborough County Extension Office
Hillsborough County School District
Humana Foundation
John Deere Landscapes
Kissinger Campo & Associates
Mother's Organics
Sprague Contracting
Sunrise Landscape
Tampa Well
The Greenery Nursery & Garden Center
The Home Depot
Tropical Landscape Design
University of Florida
URS Corporation
WC Sherrill & Company
Wells Fargo
Wilder Architecture



Jr League and Girl Scout Rain Garden
Fruit Tree at the Florida Learning Garden
Volunteers create a tiered butterfly garden
Upcycle Garden at the Florida Learning Garden
Educational Tour at the Florida Learning Garden
The Florida Learning Garden at the Florida State Fair

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful motivates over 16,000 community members to remove trash and debris from our most valuable natural resource - our waterways. By engaging residents in an awareness campaign last year, our volunteers removed over 50 tons of litter at over 80 sites throughout Hillsborough County. The Hillsborough River Trash Free Waters Initiative encourages community residents throughout Hillsborough, Polk and Pasco counties to be vigilant in protecting the waterways towards a more beautiful Tampa Bay.

The Hillsborough River Trash Free Waters Initiative is a call to action to create more sustainable communities, counteract behaviors and preventing activities that pose water quality issues and habitat concerns in Florida. Volunteer based projects significantly reduce or eliminate the volume of litter and debris entering the Hillsborough River Watershed. Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, Nestle Waters and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are working together to develop a focused set of actions and projects to develop a focused set of actions that will significantly reduce or eliminate the volume of litter and debris entering Hillsborough River Watershed.

The Hillsborough River Trash Free Waters Partnership will use data collected from the Tri-County Areas to determine a baseline measurement at areas along the Hillsborough River Watershed that are in need of healthy living shorelines and education in environmental conservation. The Partnership will evaluate the weight, type and amount of aquatic trash collected and diverted to its appropriate mode of disposal, the number of miles improved and restored shorelines.
Change and improvement begins with personal responsibility. The Trash Free Waters Initiative empowers individuals to be involved with our volunteer opportunities to make a difference in their community while improving our waterways. We are very proud of the efforts and accomplishments of the Trash Free Waters Initiative and look forward to the future benefits this program will have on our community.


Email us today to volunteer for our next Trash Free Waters project.



Marine Debris Tracker - With Marine Debris Tracker, it just takes a few seconds to easily report where you find marine debris or litter anywhere in the world and then prevent it from impacting our oceans.


How do I start tracking? Once you download the app and open it, you will be taken to the start page. Select Change List. Select Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful list.


Click Start Tracking to begin. Next click from    one of the CATEGORIES of items to find the item you want to track. Click the green Log button and the item GPS coordinates will be taken. The counter at the top “View and Submit # Items” will increase by one each time you hit a green Log button. You may also click on any item name in the list to be able to add a description or photo (Note: photos taken here will not be submitted to us, but tagged in the data set for you to note where it is on your phone).





Thank you to Our Sponsors:






Jim Ellis on the paddle board

kayaker removing litter




Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program (MRRP)

In an effort to prevent animal injury and death from entanglement in monofilament fishing line, KTBB has collection tubes throughout the bay area at various boat ramps. Our Stow It, Don’t Throw It initiative provides portable tubes for fishermen & boaters to use on-board, preventing our wildlife from ingesting and becoming entangled in this deadly debris. We also provide presentations and free portable collection tubes. Contact us for more info.


In an effort to increase recycling efforts at community events, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful lends clear-stream recycle bins free of charge in return for information on the amount of recyclables collected during the event. Request to Borrow-A-Bin for your next community event by contacting us for more information!


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